Jacque’s Clothesline is proud to announce our partnership with Van Arsdale Arts of Scottsdale, Arizona. Together we will share this fun and inspirational t-shirt line featuring the artwork of Dick and Tom Van Arsdale. Van Arsdale Arts is the latest great venture for Dick and Tom.

The Van Arsdale brothers’ story is a testament to the fact that athletes can be more than one dimensional. Dick and Tom began as standout high school basketball stars in Indiana where they jointly captured the title of “Mr. Basketball”.  Then they went onto Indiana University where they earned impressive All American, All Big-10, and Academic All-America honors.  Dick and Tom then went on to have long and successful careers in the NBA where they were three-time NBA All Stars.  Their outstanding careers won over the hearts of fans, and this recognition has led them to successful post-athletic business careers including where they are today–at Van Arsdale Arts in the center of the renowned Scottsdale Art District. 

The Van Arsdale brothers exemplify more than outstanding athletic ability.  They truly understand the importance of teamwork, communication, friendship, having fun, and most of all, family.

 “Tom and Dick Van Arsdale’s T Shirt line, The Van Arsdale Collection, promotes healing and unity of our nation through its artfully designed sports’ messaging.  Take a look at their website“
–Dave Bing, Hall of Fame NBA Player and former Mayor of Detroit

“The Van Arsdale Collection t-shirts are well done and fit great. Keep up the good work.” 
–Dave Cowens, Boston Celtics & NBA Hall of Famer

We believe the Van Arsdale T-Shirt line captures Dick and Tom’s whimsical and fun artwork as well as their inspirational messages to everyone to “Keep Reaching”, “Always Bring Your Best Effort”, and “Have Fun”.