“Out of the Ashes” Tee Shirt – SOLD OUT


This tee was born out of the tragic event of 9/11/2001. As Jacque was mostly catatonic in front of the tv, on day 5 her hubby Tom suggested she turn off the tv and go in her studio. This was the image she painted for him. For those of us who remember that terrible day–and maybe more importantly for those who don’t–may this be an enduring memory of all who lost their lives on that day and a grateful acknowledgement to those who serve everyday to keep us safe. Jacque’s Clothesline, LLC. is proud to partner with Tuesday’s Children. Jacque’s Clothesline, LLC will provide a percentage of sales of the “Out of the Ashes” T-shirts to the Tuesday’s Children organization. Tuesday’s Children provides a lifetime of healing for families who have been forever changed by terrorism, military conflict, or mass violence. As of January 20th, 2021, and as we as a nation approach the 20 year anniversary of 9/11, we are making this tee our keystone of our Healing Collection. It exemplifies the need for remembering those lost while healing and moving forward.


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